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  • Undisputed leader in hepatitis C drugs market, Gilead Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD), has come out with first-quarter financial results for the how to get cialis year. The firm has confirmed huge profits that have doubled because of amazing growth of the firm’s hepatitis C drugs franchise. For quarter one of the financial year 2015, Gilead has confirmed large surge in profits of $4.33 billion that has grown by 94.17% year-over-year compared to profits of 1QFY14 of $2.23 billion. The firm’s adjusted earnings per share for recent quarter after exclusion of one-time costs such as restructuring or stock-based expenses from net profit was at $2.94 per share. The adjusted EPS was a big rise of about 98.6% YoY vis-a-vis adjusted EPS figure for quarter one of previous year being at $1.43 per share. The revenues for quarter one of the year was $7.59 billion, a surge of about 52% YoY and bettering the buy cheap cialis online Street’s expectations of $6.92 billion. On the other hand, revenues for latest quarter was higher by 3.08% vis-a-vis revenues of $7.31 billion for 4QFY14. The hepatitis C drugs franchise comprises of two major blockbuster treatments: Sovaldi and cialis no prescription Harvoni. Sovaldi is priced at $84,000 for 12-week treatment course and generic cialis sale was initially approved in US by the viagra 50 mg Food and canadian viagra 50mg Drug Administration (FDA) two years back. Gilead’s Harvoni carries a higher price tag of $94,500 for 12-week treatment and cialis quick shipment was agreed by FDA in October last year. Combined sales of Solvaldi and viagra brand Harvoni was huge $4.55 billion that’s a big contribution of 61.4% to overall revenues from firm’s product sales of $7.41 billion. Two HCV drugs are top selling products for the firm having about $12.4 billion in sales for the firm previous year. Harvoni’s sales for quarter one was a huge $3.58 billion demonstrating surge of 67.7% vis-a-vis sales of $2.11 billion for previous year. Shares of the company rose 5% to $105.54.  
  • Merck & Co., Inc. (NYSE:MRK) Reports Pivotal Data from Phase 3 Clinical Studies of ZERBAXA Merck & Co., Inc.(NYSE:MRK) has confirmed that The Lancet and Clinical Infectious Diseases published online results from pivotal Phase 3 clinical studies of ZERBAXA for Injection in complicated urinary tract infections as well as complicated intra-abdominal infections.
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