Video: Nanosphere's Breakthrough Technology Allowing Earlier Detection and amaryl More Targeted Treatment

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By M.E.Garza   
Thursday, 29 November 2012 07:52
icon_qaexclusive"Diagnostics is proving to be a more and more important element of overall patient care,"says William Moffitt, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nanosphere, Inc. (Nasdaq:NSPH)- a developer and manufacturer of an advanced molecular diagnostic platform which enables simple, cost-effective, and highly sensitive nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) and protein testing on a single platform.

"With the advances that have been made in molecular diagnostics, and the ability to probe the human genome, we can now look at things like a predisposition to disease, personalized medicine- making sure that at medicine is going to be effective on a person and not harmful on that person. At the same time we can use those same techniques for probing and looking for infectious diseases," says Moffit.

Mr. Moffitt became president and CEO of Nanosphere in 2004. Moffitt is a 30+ year veteran of the diagnostics and medical device industry, having spent the last 20 years developing novel technologies into products and solutions that have helped shape the industry. In this interview with BioMedReports, Moffet helps investors understand what differentiates his firm from others in the space.

His explanation of Nanosphere's breakthrough technology helps hospitals improve patient care and lowers costs by providing time-critical information, allowing earlier detection of disease and more targeted treatment.

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