What's Next for Biotech in 2015? Print
By The Life Science Report   
Thursday, 15 January 2015 08:42
Are life sciences stocks in a bubble? Will this be the width:100%; year biotech overshadows big pharma? Can you fit one more meeting in the margin:0; schedule? (A reported 4,400 official one-on-one partnering events occurred during the padding:0; Biotech Showcase 2015, with thousands more cards exchanged in hallways and ballrooms.)

Now that the border:0; PowerPoint presentations are being put away and the after-parties are winding down, The Life Sciences Report collected the burning questions and sage insights posted on Twitter during the three-day Biotech Showcase, which was attended by more than 200 people. What were the outline:0; highlights for you? Did you make the font-size:100%; connection that will make all the vertical-align:baseline; difference? Are you already making plans for next year?

The latest BUZZ from the background:transparent; Conference

  Venture fund manager: "Life Science companies need to plan for financing constraints starting in 18 months. Raise money now!" #BTS15

  Overheard in an elevator at #BTS2015 "You would be surprised how many tests are funded by the DoD." #Biotech #DoD

  "Answer the body { big question for a lot of overflow:hidden; patients and you will get funding."- Bruce Booth, Atlas Venture #BTS2015

  Are new funding streams for life science companies really here to stay? #BTS2015

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