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Thursday, 20 November 2014 20:19

New York-based Relmada Therapeutics (RLMD) has reinvented four proven and promising drug candidates with novel delivery systems to create new drugs for new indications.

These may have the analgesic effects patients need without the worries about escalating dosages for effectiveness and about addictive potential.

They include:

·Relmada’s d-Methadone which has potential to treat neuropathic pain and prevent opioid tolerance through its activity as an NMDA receptor antagonist. d-Methadone is safe with no opioid side effects at clinically relevant doses and does not have the tolerability issues that have plagued other NMDA receptor antagonists. d-Methadone may represent a new standalone class of drugs with blockbuster potential in pain treatment and management.


·Relmada’s Levorphanol is the only opioid which exerts broad spectrum analgesia through opioid receptors as well as through serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibition and

NMDA anatagonism.  Thus, levorphanol is able to combine the pain relieving mechanisms of a powerful opioid (e.g. OxyContin) and Cymbalta (non-opioid analgesic) in one pill.  Preclinical and

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clinical data suggest that levorphanol can deliver pain relief in cancer, chronic, and neuropathic pain, even in cases where other opioids have not been effective.  Relmada’s formulation of extended-release levorphanol are abuse-and tamper-resistant.  


·Relmada’s Buprenorphine, which has been widely used by the sublingual and

transdermal routes for treatment of addiction and pain, but was considered ineffective orally. Relmada has, for the first time, developed several robust extended release forms of buprenorphine for oral delivery and shown them to be effective in a variety of animal pain models. BuTab ER is a promising new formulation of a highly successful opioid. Buprenorphine’s 2011 sales were more than $1 billion in the growing addiction treatment and chronic pain markets.


Each of these drugs has the potential to make patients’ lives better by effectively treating their pain, and at the same time, they do so without the risks that come with traditional pain treatments.

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