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Thursday, 08 March 2018 08:41

Over the next several weeks RAADR, Inc. will be announcing several strategic partnerships as part of the nationwide campaign. These key partnerships will enable RAADR and BullyRAADR to expand reach and effectiveness with more schools, parents, students and law enforcement agencies. The campaign will also see large school districts across the United States joining forces in an coordinated effort to align multiple campuses across districts on the platform at one time.

RAADR has been testing its platform in Arizona since Q3 - Q4 2017 and has been well-received by campuses who have embraced the technology. In one instance, a student alerted school administrators of a knife on campus who were then able to intervene and secure the situation. But, to the surprise of everyone students are even letting administrators know when something positive happens. This showcases the creative nature of students who are using the platform in a way that wasn't foreseen. These instances highlight the full spectrum of uses for the RAADR & BullyRAADR platforms and its potential for affecting positive and meaningful change across the nation.

RAADR will continue to launch new improvements to their systems to further their mission as a company to shine a light on bullying as well as reinforce positive behaviors among adolescents and teens. As RAADR spreads throughout the country, its facial recognition system will also continue to grow and

become more able to detect individuals and

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instances of bullying. This system, RAADR believes, will be the core of RAADR in the future as partners can keep a watchful eye on not only what their kids may be posting, but also what others might be posting without their child's consent.

"Today is a huge day for RAADR! We are thrilled to announce that we'll be expanding the platform to a nationwide user-base! This is a huge step for the company and

its shareholders," said CEO Jacob DiMartino.

CONTACT:  Jacob DiMartino, jacob.d@raadr.com, (480) 755-0591


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