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Wednesday, 17 August 2011 03:00

Widows of Former NFL Players, Faith-Based Organizations File Suit Against Obama Staff

AGOURA HILLS, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 17, 2011) - Philanthropic charities and faith based organizations with successful track records of eradicating sudden cardiac death, have sued personnel of the Obama Administration for corrupt practices dating back to 2009, it was revealed today in court filings reviewed by ABR News.

The lawsuit filed is apparently based upon Administration documents uncovered by investigators, in which the Administration first claims to be conducting law enforcement activities against saboteurs of an FDA-approved, life-saving ECG (electrocardiogram) device (called the "Fidelity 100"), but then claims the Administration is in reality doing nothing of the kind.

The device maker is U.S. based Heart-Tronics, Inc., run by Rowland Perkins, who also founded talent agency giant Creative Artists Agency.

The Administration -- which has lauded the importance of giving the public information under the Freedom of Information Act -- denied a Freedom of Information Request earlier this year by a group of charity constituents allegedly impacted by the corrupt practices. The basis for the denial, sent by the Administration in February 2011, is that the Administration is actually investigating the sabotage of this United States made and United States manufactured, FDA-approved, heart device (the "Fidelity 100"). The lawsuit alleges that the Administration lied in that statement, and documents uncovered by ABR News reveal that governmental officials have admitted there is really no investigation pending.

Worse, the lawsuit attaches written guidelines from the American Heart Association and the Office of the Inspector General, and alleges specifically that these guidelines were and are being intentionally ignored in the health care plan and financial recovery policies of the Administration. The lawsuit alleges the cost to the Country is more than $200 billion annually, and it seeks $1 trillion in damages for the injury caused by Administration personnel to American citizens.

The lawsuit goes on to allege that the Administration personnel have targeted African-American and

Indian-American communities, as well as Rural Faith-Based Organizations, in what the lawsuit describes as an intentional course of corruption resulting in the death of thousands of United States citizens.

Heart Disease has a cost to the United States Government of $750 billion per annum, and the lawsuit alleges there would be a savings of at least $200 billion if the guidelines of the American Heart Association were complied with. However, those guidelines -- issued in 2007 -- have never been followed by Medicare or the Administration, according to the lawsuit.

Asked to comment, representatives of the Securities and

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Exchange Commission have stated that they knew of the alleged corporate espionage but would never investigate it -- even for a new FDA approved ECG machine referred to by NBC as a "Modern Medical Miracle." Strangely, SEC official Charles Cain stated that the only investigation his Department would do regarding sabotage of the FDA-cleared device would be an investigation that the device-maker Heart-Tronics would do for him.

Named in the lawsuit are current SEC officials Charles Cain, Rachel Nonaka and

Adam Eisner, as well as lawyer John Woodbury and heart industry employee Lee Ehrlichman. The lawsuit alleges a course of sabotage and corruption that began after Fortune 500 concern Rubbermaid advanced $2 million for the right to distribute the FDA-approved Fidelity 100 ECG device. After the contract was signed and the $2 million paid, shipped devices to Rubbermaid were sabotaged, according to the allegations in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed on August 15, 2011 in Untied States District Court, Central District Of California. Case No. CV11-06677 SVW (SSX) by Mitchell J. Stein & Associates LLP.

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