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By M.E.Garza   
Thursday, 07 March 2019 03:20


Q BioMed (OTCQB:QBIO), has been getting attention from biotech investors and pharma industry publications for its “upside down” biotech business model. The company expects to continue making strides in developing their product offerings and appears well positioned to generate revenue in 2019 and beyond.

Q BioMed’s CEO, Denis Corin, has repeatedly told the investment community that he had no interest in building his firm the same way that had caused so many biotechs to fail.

“After my years of experience watching biotech firms collapse under their own weight of debt and financing structures, we set out to put together a biotechnology firm that is very specifically focused on the capital structure of the company, the business operations, being well funded and filled with innovative technologies that we think are under-serviced and under-valued. Some technologies have near term catalysts that we can bring resources to in order to show some accretive value to our shareholders.”

So far, so good. The company has been able to execute and meet milestones effectively. Just as importantly, investors appear to like the pipeline which Corin and his team are building, as much as industry analysts and observers do. 

It also happens that Q BioMed is a "low float" stock-- one with a relatively low number of shares (~10 Million) available for trading. Typically speaking, stocks with a low float and low market-cap tend to be volatile, and can make huge moves to the upside very quickly if they announce a positive catalyst. Q BioMed has publicly disclosed more than ten potential events on calendar for 2019.

The first catalyst is a key manufacturing approval from the FDA which appears to have been delayed by the recent government shut-down. That anticipated key FDA decision is set to transform Q BioMed from a biotech developer to a revenue generating manufacturer of Metastron™ (Strontium Chloride 89). The firm is counting on a positive decision because they have also given guidance that revenue generation is expected in 2019.

In recent days, two leading pharma/biotech and life science publications, Outsourcing Pharma and newspaper DDN News have published featured articles on QBM-001, the firm’s autistic spectrum disorder drug development program for nonverbal or minimally verbal autistic children. That program is attracting attention because there are no drugs currently available to ameliorate this condition and because of its multi-billion dollar market potential.

Traders are anticipating several significant catalysts related to QBM-001 and they are likely to come in the form of a Pre-IND Filing, an Orphan Drug Filing (both anticipated to take place in the First Half of 2019), as well as a 1.5 year Pivotal Clinical Trial for that drug candidate (forecast to start in the Second Half of 2019).

Uttroside-B is Q BioMed’s liver cancer orphan drug candidate. Liver cancer is the only cancer that has not seen an improvement in outcomes over recent years and incidence is expected to continue to grow until 2030. There are approximately 40,000 cases in the US and over a million worldwide and the prognosis is notoriously poor, but early stage data suggests that this proprietary molecule could be very effective - potentially 10X more effective than current treatments. The company has told investors to stay tuned for developments on this important and valuable asset as they plan to complete pre-clinical work and prepare IND Proof of Concept Studies in the First Half of 2019 then file an IND in Q3 of 2019.

QBIO’s MAN-01 program is an eye drop treatment for glaucoma. It reduces pressure build up by assisting with, and correcting, drainage problems in tiny vessels in the eye. It is the only drug targeting these unique and extremely important vessels. Over 70 million people suffer from glaucoma around the world so treating glaucoma with the MAN-01 program is a blockbuster opportunity on its own, however our research shows that the same drug action may ameliorate vessel damage in several other diseases such as: kidney disease (MAN-02), cardiovascular disease (MAN-03), and may provide host-defense against infectious diseases (MAN-04) like the flu and even Ebola.

Traders and investors can expect catalysts and news involving the Complete Molecule Optimization (Eye Drop), the Initiation of Pre-IND Studies and a Clinical Trial IND in 2019. There will likely be announcements involving the formalization of additional indications also in 2019 and perhaps even Pharma Partnership opportunities.

Q BioMed’s portfolio value may continue to increase as they approach some of these major milestones on each asset.

CEO Denis Corin has said: “We are committed to our plan and will continue to advance these drugs, thereby creating not only economic value, but real-world life altering opportunities for the patients that we are hoping to help."

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