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Tuesday, 14 January 2020 04:00

Heart to Heart First Aid CPR Services celebrates CEO Nick Rondinelli and First Aid Instructor John Devlin as honourable recipients of the Canadian Red Cross Rescuer Award following a tragic accident.


Heart to Heart First Aid CPR Services celebrates CEO Nick Rondinelli and First Aid Instructor John Devlin as honourable recipients of the Canadian Red Cross Rescuer Award following a tragic accident.

TORONTO, Jan. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “Every day, ordinary citizens respond in extraordinary ways to the distress of those around them,” reads the introduction to the Rescuer Award on the official Canadian Red Cross website. 

A Media Snippet accompanying this announcement is available by clicking on the image or link below:

Canadian Red Cross Rescuer Award: Watch CEO, Nick Rondinelli and First Aid Instructor, John Devlin Receive Rescuer Award After Helping Man After Collision in Toronto

On November 15th, 2019, Lorraine Davies, Director of People Services at Canadian Red Cross, presented the award to Heart to Heart First Aid Services CEO, Nick Rondinelli, alongside his lead First Aid instructor, John Devlin, for coming to the aid of a seriously injured person following a tragic motor-vehicle accident which took place in May 2019, in Toronto. Watch the full video of the award ceremony and real-life video of the collision and the first aid care provided by Rondinelli / Devlin.

The annual Rescuer Award proudly recognizes the acts of everyday heroism demonstrated by ordinary citizens (non-professional rescuers), or off-duty first responders who have volunteered assistance to help save a life, prevented further injury, and/or provided comfort to the ill or injured person. 

Toronto Motor Vehicle Collision and Rescue (Caught on Video) 

On May 26th, 2019, at approximately 6PM (just 2 months shy of Heart2Heart’s 20th year anniversary), Rondinelli and Devlin rushed to the scene of a “hit and run,” where one vehicle clipped another car, causing a head-on collision with a man riding on a scooter. The accident happened in front of Heart to Heart’s head office on Carlton St. in downtown Toronto. The entire incident was caught on CCTV video by Heart to Heart’s camera. 

After colliding with the vehicle, the person on the scooter was thrown 12 feet into the air and hit the pavement hard. Rondinelli and Devlin sprang into action within seconds. The two have both been teaching and certifying thousands of Canadians in first aid and CPR for over 2 decades. 

Both Rondinelli and Devlin used the skills that they have been teaching others for years, providing high quality first aid (caught on bystander video) to the person suffering serious injuries while waiting for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to arrive. 

Although drivers should always avoid negligence and speeding while on the road, another lesson remains prominent: how ordinary citizens can help in the case of a tragic accident like this. Clear cut communication, plus skilled CPR/First Aid training, prepares a person to serve the general public in incredible ways.

Rondinelli: Knowing the Way, Going the Way, and Showing the Way

Owner of Heart to Heart First Aid CPR Services Incand Instructor Trainer for the Canadian Red Cross for 20 years, Rondinelli writes: “I couldn’t believe my eyes and I knew that I had to spring into action and do the very thing that I had trained others to do.” Rondinelli’s official statement can be found on the Heart to Heart blog, which offers educational resources on CPR and first aid.

“Anything can happen at any time,” he says. Preparation and training for situations like this can provide vital assistance in potentially fatal situations. 

Heart to Heart First Aid CPR Services Cares – Celebrating 20 Years

Rondinelli and Devlin’s actions demonstrated the power of humanity by showing care and concern for a fellow citizen in an emergency situation. They did so by applying the skills and training promoted by Heart to Heart First Aid CPR Services and the Canadian Red Cross. The Rescuer Award is a testament to the heart and soul put into the daily operations at Heart to Heart First Aid CPR Services for their many clients

The integrity, mission, and values of Heart to Heart are also often commended by the positive feedback from students, which highlight the “knowledgeable” and “friendly” instructors as well as the “informative” and “interactive” courses made available. You can see all this and more by visiting Heart to Heart’s website:

As Rondinelli says: “There is nothing better than the feeling of making a difference.” Get trained properly in first aid and CPR with Heart to Heart First Aid CPR Services by signing up at Check out the many dates and locations they have across Canada. Alternatively, you can find your closest Canadian Red Cross training provider (or other approved agencies) and take the first steps to becoming trained. As in the case with Rondinelli and Devlin, anyone can be called into action at a moment’s notice. Knowing what to do and being confident to act can truly save a life.

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