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Thursday, 22 July 2021 06:39

Overland Park, Kan., July 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

Overland Park, Kan., July 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As companies continue to adapt to a 'new normal' for returning workers, Bardavon Health Innovations, a workers' compensation and MSK health company, announces access to the Bardavon Digital Health Platform.™ This Platform is designed for the management and optimization of clinical quality, utilization management, and functional outcomes for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and injuries.

No matter where an injury occurs, at work or at home, this Platform ensures companies champion the same goal: optimized care and full-duty return-to-work and life.

The Bardavon Digital Health Platform's four pillars—Network, Analytics, Insights, and Oversight—are the necessary tools needed to deliver the full picture of a patient's musculoskeletal (MSK) injury. Without this information, case management is based on only claims data, leaving clinicians to guess if the patient is healing as expected.

Bardavon is the only workers' compensation and MSK health company to offer this Platform as a standard and complimentary capability and service to all partners.

"Our Platform takes the guesswork out of the equation for everyone involved in a workers' compensation patient's recovery", said Dorothy Riviere, Bardavon Chief Clinical Officer. "Now is the time for companies to reimagine how using a data-driven approach, combined with real-time collaboration and oversight to all stakeholders consistently drives a higher quality outcome for the workers’ health. And as a result, together we can positively impact the company's bottom line."

By using the Bardavon Digital Health Platform, companies can carefully and consistently manage the duration, utilization, and overall cost of every claim. It also ensures that best practices are met. In three recent case studies, Bardavon clients saw significant claims savings ($5,118,630 on 2,102 closed cases after only 11 months); reduced average net incurred claim spend (by 53%); and eliminated all claims over $20,000.

Bardavon uses meaningful, relevant clinical treatment data to deploy algorithms that predict outlier cases. Outlier cases can create delays in returning patients to work, prolong treatment, and result in higher claims costs. By identifying outliers, stakeholders can intervene early, and treatment plans can be altered. Monitoring and modifying care improves the equation for a successful return to mobility. The governance that Bardavon Platform provides throughout the life of a claim enables unmatched capability to treat the injured worker appropriately and execute a quality-driven approach to healthcare, rather than a simple cost containment approach.

Bardavon partners: employer/carrier, nurse case manager, adjuster, therapy provider, and soon physicians, have complimentary access to this powerful Platform for maximum transparency.

About Bardavon Health Innovations

Bardavon is a privately held proactive workers' compensation and MSK digital health partner that connects all stakeholders to better manage cases. We offer injury prevention, treatment, and work readiness solutions through our national network of therapy providers. Bardavon shares a holistic analysis of the case so that Americans can achieve quality return to work and return to life outcomes so they can move freely and life fully. We treat people right.™

Contact [email protected] for additional details about Bardavon products and services.


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