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By Adam Meadows, Contributor   
Thursday, 20 December 2012 03:16

icon_HeatingUpSuper speculative penny stock players are buzzing about MMR Global's (MMRF) which looks set to become an interesting patent infringement play that could push shares even higher in the days and weeks ahead.


First, a little background, MMR Global (MMRF.OB) is a PHR-Personal Health Records, and EMR-Electronic Medical Records, company based in Los Angeles, and due in large part to some interesting patents they have been granted during the past few months from the US Patent Office, the stock has been trending higher on record weekly volume the past two weeks.

MMR Global is in a market, that thanks to U.S. government mandates, appears to be heating up as we enter the 2013 calender year. 

President Obama, through his HITECH Act aimed at health reform, has mandated that doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies supply PHR's to their patients and customers by 2014. If they fail to do so, medical entities face stiff fines and penalties that could prove harmful to their bottom line.

MMR Global was born 4 years ago to help supply this potential $14 Billion market via their easy to use PHR and their version of an EMR-MMpro. The MyMedicalRecords PHR was created to help individuals and families maintain their medical records electronically in a safe and secure manner using their patented technology. The technology allows PHR's to be uploaded with all medical information from any portal, fax, uploading device, another EMR system, or phone. The patents they have received the past few months appear to give them strong royalty and licensing control over 'how the PHR is uploaded via fax, internet, phone, etc'. These patents are for the system or process of uploading into a PHR. So any doctor or pharmacy like a CVS or Walgreens, that keeps medical records on their patients, and that access those records electronically, are potentially infringing upon these patents.

Needless to say, the potential license fees and royalties the company could garner from these patents could run into the many $hundreds of millions, which for a company with a current market cap of $8 million, could be quite a coup for them. In addition, any lawsuit that they undertake against a large hospital or a well known pharmacy such as a CVS or Walgreens is something that is likely to draw quite a bit of attention to themselves and the stock from investors. MMR Global is currently sending out letters to potential infringing companies informing them of these patents, and is looking to make royalty deals with them as soon as possible.  For example, a licensing deal was just announced with 4Medica and although specific monetary figures were not released, it could be sign of good things to come.

Recently, patent infringement plays have been all the rage, with the likes of Vringo (AMEX:VRNG) and others moving up 500% or more due to the hope of licensing or court appointed monies coming into the company. Not long ago, another patent play, Patriot Scientific (PTSC.OB), went from 5 cents to $2 from the publicity of their patent lawsuits against AMD. So the potential is there for a nice move up from this patent hype that is just now starting to hit the stock and company.

In addition to the potential patent news coming, as stated earlier the company has a number of products they are currently selling in the PHR/EMR market, including their MymedicalRecords PHR ( and MMPro-their version of an EMR.  In fact they just completed a $17 million pipeline deal with VisiInc from Australia to supply them with thousands of MMPro units.

The firm is also in talks with a number of other companies, such as the Vida Nursing out of Las Vegas, to embed the PHR into the partnering company's already ongoing services as well.  With hospitals and doctors scrambling in 2013 to become compliant with the PHR Government mandate, MMR Global stands to greatly benefit from this growing market as hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies race to implement this technology and avoid heavy fines and penalties.

The CEO of MMR Global, Mr. Robert Lorsch, is a well known businessman and philanthropist in the Los Angeles area, and was the former CEO of Smartalk, which traded on the Nasdaq and was turned from a small startup into a $billion company at one point. So he has a history of taking a microcap company and turning it into something much larger. In addition, he has been very giving in his charitable endeavors and just recently played a large part in having the Space Shuttle Endeavor delivered to the Los Angeles Science Museum, where the family pavilion of the California Science Center is named after him.

A word of caution, MMR Global is a small company.  And while they did do revenues of around $1.5 for the past fiscal year and are forecasting revenues of over $5 M this year, they are not cash flow positive as of yet and do have debt.  Therefore any investment in the stock of this company does carry some risk.


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