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Sunday, 04 October 2009 20:33
Cytori Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CYTX) has launched a new website at to help educate and raise awareness amongst patients and physicians on cell-enriched cosmetic surgery procedures. Also check out the ProActive News Room blog for Cytori.

On 10/2/09, Health Enhancement Products (OTC: HEPI.OB) and Changing Times Vitamins announced a mutual agreement to terminate their current distribution agreement in which the latter had acquired the exclusive rights to distribute ProAlgaZyme (PAZ). Under terms of the definitive agreement, HEPI retains all marketing and sales rights associated with the Company's proprietary PAZ compound and will also retain control of all remaining inventory, labels, bottles, promotional materials, as well as customer contact information.

The Company’s recently appointed interim CEO, Peter Vitulli, commented, "Since joining the Company just a few short weeks ago, I have quickly recognized the immense potential that exists with our lead bioactive compound, PAZ. As such, I have initiated a series of steps to better position the Company for future growth. The first step is to control every aspect of PAZ's distribution, marketing and sales going forward. This decision is in the best interest of the Company as it allows us the freedom to evaluate multiple strategic options to maximize the true value of PAZ for our shareholders."

Mr. Vitulli has extensive leadership experience in this field, including his current position as Chairman of Efficas, Inc., a venture backed leading developer and marketer of natural bioactive compounds utilized for nutritional management of health and wellness in humans and animals. In addition, Mr. Vitulli spent the first 16 years of his career at the Quaker Oats Company, most recently serving as President of the North American Gatorade business, one of the premier functional food products in the world.

Click here for my previous coverage of HEPI at, which outlines the promising results obtained thus far in clinical trials for PAZ. The bioactive compound in PAZ has demonstrated the ability to safely lower bad cholesterol (LDL) while raising good cholesterol (HDL) based on preliminary results and HEPI expects to provide additional results in the coming weeks in addition to opportunities available to the Company such as functional food product enhancement.

Data that was previously presented at the Digestive Disease Week 2009 Meeting in early June demonstrates the potential to expand the application of stool DNA testing for the diagnosis of multiple GI-related cancers. EXACT Sciences (NASDAQ: EXAS) is currently developing a V3 stool DNA test kit for the detection and diagnosis of colorectal cancer (CRC) / pre-cancers, which will be evaluated in a Phase 3 clinical trial for FDA marketing clearance. Click here for my previous articles and reports on EXAS at

Dr. David Ahlquist discusses how Mayo Clinic researchers have demonstrated that a noninvasive, stool DNA-based screening test can detect not only CRC, but a variety of other GI-related cancers such as pancreatic, stomach, biliary, and esophageal cancers. This video is also available at YouTube, in addition to the preceding link at the Mayo Clinic website.

Results demonstrated that target dmutations were not detected in control stools while target mutations were detected in stools from 68% (47/69) of patients with a GI neoplasm and 71% (36/51) of patients with cancer, including the following breakdown.

1.) 40% (2/5) with oropharyngeal cancer

2.) 65% (11/17) with esophageal cancer

3.) 100% (4/4 ) with gastric / stomach cancer

4.) 55% (6/11) with pancreatic cancer

5.) 75% (3/4) with biliary / gallbladder cancer

6.) 100% (10/10) with CRC

7.) 61% (11/18) with pre-cancers, including 100% (2/2) with pancreatic intraductular papillary mucinous neoplasia and 56% (9/16) with colorectal advanced adenoma

The Mayo Clinic researchers concluded that the capacity for the pan-detection of GI neoplasms could substantially expand the value of stool DNA testing and change the screening paradigm and further validation studies are clearly indicated. Importantly, the test remained negative for all healthy participants in the study, which indicates that the test is feasible for further development and evaluation.

Disclosure: Long CYTX, EXAS, HEPI.OB.

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