MedaSorb Investors Enjoy Price Spike Print
By Vinny Cassano   
Tuesday, 20 October 2009 03:00
Investors of MedaSorb Technologies Corporation (OTC:MSBT)  enjoyed a price spike of over 40% during early trading on Tuesday, with volume hitting four times the daily average by noon. Medasorb is due to release results within the next few months from a European study that measures the effectiveness of Cytosorb, the company's treatment for severe sepsis.

For months the stock was trading between six and ten cents - a ripe time for investors to accumulate - and it looks like the stock is ready to move as speculators take a position in anticipation of the results.

With a market cap of under thirteen millions - still - I expect to see the stock approach the one dollar level before the release of results, as I've indicated before. If positive, MSBT could move significantly higher seeing as there is currently no effective treatment for severe sepsis.

For those that may have missed the boat below ten cents and also missed the most recent pullback to fourteen cents, buy the dips if you're ready to speculate on the outcome of Cytosorb.

MSBT has retreated somewhat after each significant run during the recent run up, but because of the small market cap, it's tough to predict exactly where the stock will level off before pulling back again. Volume is up and the price is up, so I'd suggest that a new investor buying in pick up a few shares now in case the run continues, but leave some money on the sidelines to average down on any dips.

For those in since below ten cents, congrats and it's now time to watch the news wires; either speculators are starting to run rampant with MSBT or the word about Cytosorb is starting to get out.

If, in fact, Cytosorb is effective in treating severe sepsis, then MedaSorb (and its stock) is going to turn into one heck of a success story.

Disclosure: long MSBT.

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