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By Michael Vlaicu   
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 06:42

BioCurex, Inc. (OTC:BOCX) is a biotechnology company developing products for cancerdiagnosis, imaging, and therapy that target a global oncology market forecast to reach over $50 billion by 2009.

The Company uses a novel, patented technology based on the RECAF™ cancer marker, discovered by Dr. Ricardo Moro-Vidal, BioCurex’s chief executive officer (CEO), president, and founder. RECAF™ is a molecule found on malignant† cells but absent from most normal or benign cells. BioCurex believes that the detection of this molecule in tissue or serum samples is the foundation for new cancer diagnostic tests and imaging techniques. The RECAF™ marker has been found on every cancer tissue that BioCurex has studied to date, including on many common, severe cancers: breast, lung, gastric, prostate, and leukemia.

This characteristic indicates that RECAF™ is capable of detecting more than one type of cancer, which is a limitation of many currently available cancer markers. The Company’s RECAF™ technology is reported to have high levels of clinical sensitivity and specificity (measures of cancer marker accuracy), successfully detecting over 90% of cancer in blood and tissue samples. A serum-based assay using RECAF™ recently identified twice as many prostate cancers as the current standard for prostate cancer detection, the prostate specific antigen (PSA) test.

A RECAF™-based test also detected 90% to 93% of Stage I and Stage II (early stage) breast cancer samples, without any false positives. This data supports BioCurex’s aim of reducing human suffering through the early detection of cancer or cancer recurrence after treatment. Moreover, due to its ability to differentiate between cancerous and normal cells, RECAF™ technology may facilitate the administration of targeted therapeutics that attack cancer cells but do not damage healthy tissue.

The current state of cancer detection

According to the World Health Organization, the number of people diagnosed with malignant tumors will increase by 50% in a dozen years. • Survival rates depend mostly on how early the disease is discovered. i.e. The five-year survival rate for breast cancer ranges from 87% at Stage I to only 13% at Stage IV.) RECAF technology detects malignancy earlier, more accurately, and potentially far more cost-effectively. • Current cancer detection is still primitive. Needle and surgical biopsies are the most accurate, but far from perfect. They’re also highly intrusive and can cause serious infections. Blood testing, as it now exists, is much less accurate and rife with false positives. (i.e. PSA is a mediocre marker for prostate cancer. It catches only 80% of malignancies -- yet produces 65% false positives in patients with benign tumors that usually require no treatment. Yet, all too often, patients are still subjected to costly and debilitating surgical procedures.)


Effectiveness of BioCurex's RECAF

Other Currently Available Cancer Makers

Key Points

BioCurex maintains semi-exclusive license agreements with Abbott Laboratories (ABT-NYSE) and Inverness Medical Innovations, Inc. (IMA-AMEX) to commercialize products using RECAF™ technology. These licenses benefit BioCurex through the payment of milestone fees and royalties, as well as by giving the Company access to independent diagnostic expertise and validation of RECAF™. The Company has developed two diagnostic kits that identify cancerous tissue versus normal or benigntissue by targeting RECAF™: (1) Histo-RECAF™ (approved in the U.S. as a Class I Medical Device); and (2) Cryo-RECAF™. The Company is also finalizing Serum-RECAF™, an assay to detect RECAF™ levels in a patient’s blood. Other product areas include tumor imaging and the development of a Rapid Test for initial point-of-care cancer detection. As of 2005, global laboratory diagnostic tests exceeded $25 billion each year, with molecular diagnostictesting growing by roughly 20% annually and estimated to be over $5 billion by 2009. In the diagnostics market, cancer testing, which is dominated by serum-based cancer markers, recently exceeded $2 billion and is expected to experience some of the greatest growth over the next three to five years. BioCurex’s management team has brought a research technology toward commercialization in arelatively short timeframe while also negotiating beneficial license agreements. The Company’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) includes leaders in the global cancer marker field. Patents in over 20 countries. Granted patents in the USA, the European Union, Russia and China.

Company Documents

Executive Informational Overview (.pdf) Letter to Shareholders (.pdf)

Technical Analysis

( Click chart to enlarge )

Sometimes one gets a second chance to buy-in at the beginning of a Bullish reversal. BOCX is giving buyers just this chance. This past month saw a significant (over 500%) gain in share price which expanded the price channel that had been in control since the beginning of this year. Typically, one doubles the height of the previous channel and this indicates the new channel (Blue lines on the chart) reaches up to .32 cents at the top trend-line. Interestingly, on Friday (October 23), the price actually opened on the new mid-line (dashed Blue line on the chart) and gave further proof the expanded channel is now in control. A quick Fibonacci Analysis of the September gain (in Pink on the chart) reveals some very interesting details. The most interesting is that the price can easily reach the top of the channel that sits just below the dependable 123.6% retracement level. Also, the price looks to have consolidated and has breached the 38.2% retracement area turning it into a level of support at .14 cents. That’s exactly where the stock price closed on Friday giving buyers an opportunity. There are numerous bullish indicators to support the probability this stock will continue to climb up the channel. Just this week, the classic Bullish signal of the daily 100 SMA (Orange line on the chart) crossing up and over the daily 200 SMA (Yellow line on the chart) occurred. Also, a type of “ladder bottom” candlestick pattern formed (Red circle) signaling a Bullish reversal. This, too, is a classic signal as the shorts close out their positions and take profits. The sellers appear to be loosing control of the consistent downtrend they controlled after the September highs. The big Green candle coming out of the Red circle indicates buyers taking control. Friday, appears to be a last ditch effort by the sellers to push the price down and close their short positions since they realize 38.2% is now support. This could be the second chance to buy before the price moves back to the top of the price channel and beyond. A simple 100% retracement would represent over a 100% gain from the current price level. It’s also good to keep in the back of your mind that last year this stock was trading above .70 cents and that would be close to the same percentage gain the stock price experienced just last month.

Disclosure: Long BOCX
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