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By Michael Vlaicu   
Wednesday, 04 November 2009 03:00

Cardio Infrared Techs Inc, (OTC:CDOI.PK) is a company that looks to profit as America's negative habbits and lifestyles begin to catch up to them. Their phase II Clinical trials are set to be completed by 4Q09, and it couldn't come at a better time as obesity levels reach new heights.

During the past 20 years there has been a dramatic increase in the United States. In 2008, only one state (Colorado) had a prevalence of obesity less than 20%. Thirty-two states had a prevalence equal to or greater than 25%; six of these states (Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia ) had a prevalence of obesity equal to or greater than 30%. Their lead product, CardioCor, involves fusing a bike and infrared together, in order to create a fat burning oven which trumps anything else in the market. It uses 2800 Watts of Infrared, and thus burns calories up to 10 times faster than that of traditional exercise.

Marketdata projects 6.0% annual growth for the total U.S. weight loss market, to $68.7 billion by 2010, with growth rates for individual market segments ranging from zero to 16% per year.

About Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc

Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc. is a technology and marketing company, which is focused on developing the revolutionary and evolutionary process of combining exercise equipment with medical benefits that go far beyond the normal benefits of standard exercise equipment. Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc. is committed to continue to market this equipment to the exercise and medical markets and to aggressively expand the market to every country around the world. The equipment has already been featured on "Good Morning America" and "The View." Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc. also has an aggressive growth plan that includes acquisitions and development of innovative new equipment and programs in the exercise and medical industries.

CardioCor Product Benefits

Losing weight is synonymous with losing toxins
When your body is overloaded with toxins, whether it is from the contaminants in the food we eat, the air we breathe or the water we drink, your body’s metabolism slows down. This sluggishness and lack of energy causes your body to create more fat cells to store the excess toxins, establishing a vicious cycle that can help bring to a halt.

Retained toxins are key in the accelerated aging process

The pounds of toxins and waste that overload the elimination systems of the body will cause your body to prematurely age and develop chronic diseases. This is reversible! By applying infrared heat in a controlled environment to the skin, the largest organ of elimination in the body, we can help the body rid itself of poisons and pollutants. It has been recorded that in deep perspiration, the body excretes 85% water and 15% toxic waste. Live to a ripe old age with energy and vitality By unburdening your body form the built up toxins and poisons that clog your organs, tissues, blood, muscles, fat and cells, you will also rejuvenate your spiritual and emotional vitality. A cleaner body will engender a livelier spirit and a true love of life well into your older years. Being able to feel alive and vibrant every day is truly a blessing. 

A 40-minute session 3 times a week will provide you with:

According to the company, Sweat Therapy that will increase your calorie burn up to 10 times the normal rate to aid in weight and inch loss. Increased blood circulation, and increased core temperature are key factors in moving the toxins out of your body. Infrared penetrates the body up to 3 inches because the body is 70% water. This fact allows the body to absorb the energy from the infrared as it would absorb the energy of the sun. The absorption of this energy helps to increase the core temperature of the body and the detoxification that it promotes. As a mood booster, infrared can’t be beat. You will enjoy an overall feeling of well-being, starting with your very first session. Light therapy has long been used to aid in depression and respite from the doldrums and gloom of the winter and the effects of SAD. Increased circulation will help promote collagen production and give you a super deep cleansing effect. You will see a noticeable improvement in skin texture and obvious scars through the use of infrared. Detoxify your body with regular infrared exposure and reap the benefits of natural good health. Natural therapists confirm that sweating is a great way to remove toxins, using infrared heat offers this benefit at a comfortable temperature.?Infrared has been documented as aiding in the pain management and recuperation of sports injuries, arthritis and more.

Key Weight Loss Market Statistics
  • Marketdata estimates that the total U.S. weight loss market was worth $55.4 billion in 2006. The market should reach $58.7 billion this year and $68.7 bill. by 2010 (see attachment, table).
  • Retail meal replacements were hit hard by the low-carb craze, but have shown signs of growing once again. We estimate that sales were $1.17 billion in 2006.
  • OTC diet pills market is in turmoil as the FTC fines marketers $25 million and many brands fight for market share and tinker with non-ephedra ingredients.
  • In 2006, 68% of dieters preferred a diet program they could access from home/online/by phone, and 56% want a plan based on regular (not diet) food.
  • Bariatric surgeries reached record levels of 177,000 in 2006, representing a $4.4 billion market. However, major insurers still don't cover these surgeries and growth slowed to only 4%. More obese Americans are having the procedure done in Latin America, where the cost is substantially less.
  • Diet food home delivery grows into an $800 million market segment, fueled by NutriSystem, Jenny Direct, Medifast and a few dozen others. Not all companies provide national delivery. Many only cater to local markets in Los Angeles, Chicago or New York, delivering premium priced gourmet fresh food. The average monthly cost for consumers is $725.
  • Diet soft drinks Diet sodas' share of all soft drinks has risen to 29.5%, almost the historical peak, and this is forecast to rise to 31%. This segment was worth $19 billion in 2006.
  • Diet drugs The prescription $459 million diet drugs market did grow somewhat in 2006, but still awaits the FDA's approval of Rimonabant (Acomplia).
  • Market leaders Weight Watchers ($1.2 bill.), NutriSystem ($568 mill.), LA Weight Loss ($500 mill.), Jenny Craig ($462 mill.), Slim-Fast ($310 mill.), Herbalife ($271 mill. " U.S. diet prods. sales).

Experienced Management

Wayne K. Bailey, CEO

Wayne has spent his life as a CEO and CFO of various corporations, both private and public that had a competitive edge over the competition. Wayne spent 3 years as the CFO of a Publicly traded mortgage bank. For 12 years Wayne was part of a group that acquired manufacturing companies in the Aerospace, water, wood, steel, plastic, circuit board and other manufacturing and distribution business. In the mid 1970’s Wayne founded and was the CEO of a private plastic company that developed the process to thermoform PET plastic and became part of the development group of Eastman Chemical for PET products. A decade ago, Wayne fought hard against the established medical protocol of the day as he lost the battle to save his daughter from small cell ovarian cancer and to institute a more holistic, direct and focused methodology to bring his daughter back. As expected, his input was rejected as the time, but is now one of the accepted treatments for this dreadful, fateful disease. As a result, over the last decade, Wayne has focused his energies toward educating his friends and associates toward a more holistic, healthy lifestyle through nutritional supplements and detoxification. It is as a result of this quest that Wayne decided to bring the CardioCor to the U.S. and begin the process of teaching people the overall dangers of the toxins in our environment and how to safely remove them.
Elle Reinhardt, M.B.A., T.N.D.

Elle’s background includes her early years as an educator and encompasses a career in interior design and construction before her inevitable confrontation with the allopathic medical community several years ago. After a year and a half of remaining undiagnosed for a medical problem by her doctors, Elle diagnosed herself through a serendipitous newspaper article and the internet. She then proceeded to heal herself and return to school to achieve her Doctorate in Naturopathy at Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham, AL. She has focused the rest of her life towards educating others as to the ways of achieving and maintaining homeostasis. Her passion and focus are education through whole food nutrition, cleansing and detoxification to aid her clients in achieving a vibrant longevity. Elle is also a Board Certified Reflexologist. Elle joined forces with Wayne Bailey in the CardioCor endeavor to bring to America the gift of a focused cardio-infrared program that is unlike anything available in the United States today.

Carol Anglin, National sales Director

Carol joined the Cardio-Cor team in November 2006. Carol started working with Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc doing cold calls in the Utah market. Carol quickly completed sales of two units by the end of 2006. In 2007 she was doing cold calls on a nationwide basis developing sales leads and sales first on the East Coast and then on the West Coast. Carol has become a very valuable member of the Cardio-Cor sales and management team. The training she has received and the first hand observations of the results obtained by the people using the Cardio-Cor has given her a unique perspective that has added to the mounting sales momentum of Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc. Carol was part of the team that attended the Anti-Aging show in December 2007 and was given the responsibility for the sales leads generated from that show and most of the leads generated from the other shows in 2007. Carol has aggressively followed up on the leads generated by these shows, which as resulted in many sales that may have been missed if not for her diligence. Carol Anglin comes to Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc. with over 25 years of sales experience which includes selling photography, Tanning equipment and Time Shares. Carol has won several awards in the Time Share industry for most valuable employee and for record numbers of leads generated. Carol comes to Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc. from a desire to help people gain a healthier more natural way of improving their bodies. Carol’s son Scott died of bone cancer at age 20 which led her to a quest to find other alternative ways to keep the body in a natural healthy state of being.”

Refocusing the Company

The company first brought the Unit to the United States two years ago under the name Cellubike, so named by the Italian manufactures, which only recognized the beauty benefits of the Bike. Over the past 40 years, the intrinsic value of Infrared has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar beauty industry in Europe, where, typically, most beauty innovations are discovered. As our knowledge and experience with this amazing product grew, our clients and we quickly realized that the results being experienced were nothing short of astounding. Yes, the beauty benefits were still there such as weight loss, inch loss, diminishing of cellulite, and building of collagen in the skin. But, just as importantly, the body was detoxifying and promoting even better results through loss of toxins. Many clients experienced the reduction, if not total disappearance, of chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, colitis, bursitis and pain from sports injuries that had plagued them for years as you can read in the Testimonials. Others were surprised as scars diminished, recovery from strokes was accelerated and eczema conditions were relieved. With this exciting new information we felt it was imperative to relaunch this amazing device in a new light. We found it fitting that the new name incorporates all aspects of its capabilities, thus highlighting the medical benefits. Hence the CardioCor emerged, reflecting not only the Cardio benefits, but also, the benefits of increasing the body’s core temperature and boosting the client’s metabolism!

Company News

Cardio Cor Announces $400K in New Orders for Cardio Cor and Cardio Cor IITM
LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - October 30, 2009) - Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc. announced that it received orders from a new Florida-based client for two of the Commercial Cardio Cor bikes and six Personal Cardio Cor II™ bikes. Wayne Bailey, President and CEO of Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc., stated: "A new customer in Florida has ordered two Cardio Cor units for immediate delivery and six Cardio Cor II units for delivery as soon as they are available in first quarter 2010. The sales revenue of this order exceeds $100,000. We have also taken orders from customers in San Francisco, CA, Palm Springs, CA, Hollywood, CA, Palm Beach, FL, New York, NY, Salt Lake City, UT, Atlanta, GA and Atlantic City, New Jersey for the new Cardio Cor II™. The orders placed now total well over $300,000. It is understood that additional orders will be received soon and will result in the new production capacity being sold out for the first three months of 2010 production. Additional demand for the Cardio Cor II™ will be generated at the "Anti Aging Show "coming in Las Vegas mid December." New customers are being told to get their orders in now or they will be on a waiting list that takes them to mid year 2010.

Cardio Infrared Tech Announces New Infrared Lights for the Cardio-Cor II
LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - October 21, 2009) - Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc. announced newly developed infrared lights for the Cardio-Cor II personal Exercycle. Wayne Bailey, President and CEO of Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc., stated: "The new infrared lights will now power the Cardio-Cor II. The new lights were developed specifically for Cardio Infrared Technologies and the new Cardio-Cor II personal Exercycle. The new lights are the product of recent innovation in bulb design and technology that provide for a smaller bulb but retains all the benefits of the previous larger bulb. The new 100-watt bulb is only one inch in diameter and four inches long and is extremely energy efficient. The older bulbs are five inches in length and five inches in diameter. The light array in the Cardio-Cor II is now only two inches thick instead of the nine inches as on the original Cardio-Cor. This innovation allows for a much smaller, super compact Exercycle. Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc. will use the new lights in all new products. These new lights will allow Cardio-Cor to develop a wide range of compact products that couple the use of infrared and exercise. Cardio Infrared Tech remains committed to develop and/or acquire improved infrared technologies for the benefits of our customers and stockholders." The new personal Cardio-Cor II Exercycle is being well received in all beta market tests and is expected to dramatically improve sales in 2010.

Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc. Announces Reduction in the Amount of Authorized Stock
HENDERSON, NV--(Marketwire - 10/23/09) - Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc. announced that its Board of Directors has authorized a reduction of the authorized shares from 5,000,000 to 1,500,000. "The Board took the action to reduce the amount of authorized stock to more accurately reflect the capitalization of the company. This lower authorized is a one third reduction in the authorized shares for the company. The board believes that this reduction in authorized shares will facilitate the company's ability to attract companies for acquisition and expansions. The company currently has 47,181,495 shares issued with 4,714,172 free trading shares currently issued and outstanding," said Wayne Bailey, Chief Executive Officer of Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc. "We continue to pursue our acquisition and growth plan and believe this 1/3 drop in authorized will facilitate our financial plans for the company."

Cardio Infrared Phase II Clinical Trials to be Completed This Year
LAS VEGAS, Oct. 5, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc. announced that the clinical trials being conducted in Pennsylvania completed Phase I earlier this year and demonstrated the efficacy portion of the trials. Phase II, which has been underway for 6 months, has been testing the effects on Detoxification and will be available by the end of this year. Wayne Bailey, President and CEO of Cardio Infrared Technologies, Inc., stated: "The second phase of the clinical trials are within two months of completion. The expanded number of people involved in the second phase is providing a tremendous amount of additional information and data on the Cardio-Cor system. The results from the expanded Phase II are reported to be superior to those released in the first phase and additional levels of study are showing amazing results according to the community of patients involved. The expanded basis of the second phase of the study is concerned not only with weight and inch loss but also on detoxification and the tested results of infrared on the body. The report on the second phase is scheduled to be completed before the Las Vegas Anti-Aging show in December. The third phase of the Clinicals will be a comparison of the Cardio-Cor ExerBike vs. a treadmill which will document the additional benefits of using the Cardio-Cor over any other type of exercise equipment available to the public." The clinical trials that were completed in Italy will also be released within the next three months. The Clinicals from Italy were completed using Italian guidelines, not FDA standards. They show vast weight, inch and cellulite loss. They also address detoxification and many of the other issues that our Phase II study is now addressing. The release of the additional studies will add validity to the technology and products of Cardio Infrared Technologies.

Disclosure: Long CDOI
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