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By Staff and Wire Reports   
Saturday, 28 November 2009 11:06
First of all, Happy Thanksgiving weekend to everyone. Many of us who have been tracking and investing in the BioMed sector this year have been truly blessed. Even as the markets have seen slight corrections and pull backs, many of our favorite stocks have been bullish and held strong.

The year is far from over, however, so let's not call it a day yeat. We're going to head into the home stretch on Monday with what could turn out to be a big winner. Stocks that display the technical and fundamental characteristics that this one does- especially at the penny level- don't show up very often, and while we have been picking some great trades lately, this company has the potential to make some dramatic moves in the coming weeks.

For months, readers have been asking us to find "the next BIEL."

Bioelectronics Corp (OTC:BIEL) was a stock which we introduced to our readers when it was still a sub-penny stock trading at $.008.

As some of you recall, our articles and interviews with the management team there helped pushed the stock to $.12 in no time and the move has become the stuff of legend, because no one could believe that a penny stock with so many shares outstanding (close to a billion) could move the way it did.

While we don't want to over promise and under deliver, we feel that our next pick's profits, outstanding share structure, technicals and market potential will make that famous BIEL pick look like child's play. In our opinion (based on the best due dilligence and rock solid investigation) the stock is poised to go on a major run. Best of all, it's still a ground floor opportunity in a solid company with a great management team and technology that is trading for mere pennies per share.

Subscribers will be getting a trade alert on Sunday evening for Monday morning trading. Then, 24 hours later, M.E. Garza will issue the first full report on the company to all our readers. No other news outlet, has covered this stock in any way shape or form yet, so it will be interesting to see what a sudden burst of volume from our subscribers will do come next week.

Stay tuned!

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