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By M.E.Garza   
Thursday, 10 December 2009 14:09
BiomedReports has learned that the journey for robotics expert and inventor Martin Spencer, of GeckoSystems Intl. (GCKO.PK) is finally taking a long awaited next step. A step that has been nearly twelve years in the making. Analogous to Henry Ford's transition from his garage based design of the Model-T before blazing a path with it to the assembly line, Spencer is taking his personal companion home care robot, the CareBot(tm) from the recently announced "real world evaluation trials" into production.

The company that will be joining him on the historic journey has been identified as Sparton Corporation (NYSE:SPA), who provides design and electronic manufacturing services, which include a range of engineering, pre-manufacturing and post-manufacturing services on a contract basis.

The news signals a milestone for GCKO, making them the world's first company to take a personal home healthcare robot into a mass production phase.

"Our first product, a personal companion robot, the CareBot(tm), can run from 7A to 9P daily and recharge nightly for seven days a week of unattended operation.  Many consider this capability to be fully autonomous."

Spencer has done efficiently and cost-effectively out of his lab, what others have been burning through millions of dollars in cash and have not yet been able to do. One competitor in San Diego which was founded one year after GCKO burned through more than $40 million venture capital money and weren't able to achieve what Spencer has been able to achive with his robot's navigation software alone.

"Well we don't just have the navigation software," says Spencer. "We also have the verbal interaction software and things like the tracking software that enables the robot to stay proximate to grandma as she goes through her daily routine."

Spencer asserts that there is a pent up demand for his robots and that this is one of the reasons why things are starting to accelerate for his company.

"Nobody really wants their mother in a nursing home. Nursing homes aren't good places for momma who has had her own home for twenty or thrity years. So is there a pent up demmand?"

This news is important to GCKO because manufacturing is the critical step that is needed prior to distribution and commercialization.

"Selling them is not hard," says Spencer. "We've had to send Spartan bills of materials, schematics, drawings on everything. It's going to take another two to three weeks of back and forth such that they can do the costing and we can finalize the initiative and substantial discussions which will enable them to begin preparation to a response for our RFQ (request for quote)."

News of this development for the company will no doubt generate interest in the firm and according to Spencer, some media outlets and newspapers have already begun to reach out to him for articles and profile pieces.

We will follow up with additional reports about the company in the days ahead. Shares of the company have been rising the past few days in anticipation of this news and the buzz will likely continue as more details emerge.

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