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Wednesday, 22 July 2009 14:02

Kelyniam Global, Inc. (KLYG.PK) is an advanced design, engineering, manufacturing and rapid prototyping company specializing in the use of CADCAM (Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology. KLYG will be manufacturing artificial bone implants for cranial, orthopedic, dental and cosmetic medical applications from FDA approved polymers.

On 7/22/09, Kelyniam announced that the Company has received the first machine that will be used in producing artificial bone implants with FDA approved polymers. The machine is at the Company's engineering facility in New Britain, CT, and has been configured and is ready to begin making prototypes this week. Kelyniam's management is expecting delivery of the Company's first artificial bone implant prototypes by the end of this week.

Mr. James Ketner, President/CEO, added: "We have contracted a specialist that utilizes this type of equipment and software, and has a tremendous amount of experience in high tolerance precision machining of polymers. With the consultant's assistance, we will overcome many of the types of mistakes that would normally come with learning about the processes involved with this type of machining and materials. We hope to be operational, and begin selling our new products by August 1."

Kelyniam announced in a press release dated April 28, 2009 that the company will be a source supplier of artificial bone replacements using FDA approved advanced polymers. The company is also investigating the use of the FDA approved polymers and this type of production method in all aspects of artificial bone replacements throughout the human body. The company created approximately 350 cranial implant models in 9 months of 2008.

Kelyniam Global, Inc. recently posted a New Medical Video which explains more about the company's new and exciting medical process utilizing CADCAM technology. Please take in consideration that the process discussed in the Video has now changed somewhat since KLYG now produces the end product. The new medical video provides more details on how KLYG plans to apply Bio-CADCAM to produce high precision replicas of cranial bones for implantation in the cause of trauma or injury.

The Company's medical technology process starts with CT scan data (e.g. cranial bones), which is converted to CADCAM data to drive machines in the creation of high precision replicas of bones within a 4-6 hour turnaround time. The bone replicas are produced with a hard plastic material with a fit/function that is accepted by the body and the process could be expanded to dental implants, cosmetic medicine, and other areas such as customized eye glasses.

The CT scan data allows technicians to recreate a 3-dimensional CAD model of the patient's skull, which is utilized by the Company's engineers to make a highly accurate model that is used by the medical supplier to create a bio-compatible implant to replace the damaged area of the patient. Accounting for the time it takes to get the scans from the doctors, a patient can have an implant that is a near perfect replacement of the damaged area within a matter of days.

KLYG was previously working with a major medical supplier for the Bio-CADCAM cranial implants, but has recently researched and developed an entirely new process on their own using FDA approved polymers. The custom cranial bone implants will be sold by Kelyniam's medical supply partners, representing a nearly exact replica of human cranial bones with accuracy levels within 10-20/1000 inch. Related applications would likely include other bones (e.g. arms and legs) as well as hip replacements.

Last June, KLYG acquired M2-Systems, which became the Engineering and Stereo Lithography Divisions of the Company and is located in New Britain, CT. The Company's Engineering and Stereo Lithography Divisions serve a wide range of clients from industry groups that include automotive, aerospace, jewelry, nautical, and consumer products. The recent developments in Bio-CADCAM technology outlined above offer a significant market opportunity to apply this technology to dental and medical applications.

The Company's acquisition of M2-Systems gives KLYG a complete Rapid Prototyping and Engineering facility located in New Britain, CT. KLYG recently appointed Bernard Hochstetter to lead the Company's medical implant sales team. Mr. Hochstetter has experience with obtaining new medical product approvals with regulatory agencies such as the FDA, along with a science and law educational background.

The Company caused to be in effect a two for one (2:1) forward stock split, for a second time since its inception, with the certificates of record as of 3/4/09. As will be reflected in the first quarterly report for 2009, the Company's authorized share count is 20 million with 19.3 million currently outstanding - including 95% ownership by executives and directors of KLYG. Improved operating results since the M2 acquisition and potential market demand for artificial bone implants for cranial, orthopedic, dental and cosmetic medical applications that the Company will be manufacturing from FDA approved polymers has the potential to make the remainder of 2009 and 2010 exciting and profitable times for Kelyniam.

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