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By M.E.Garza   
Monday, 29 March 2010 03:39
Millennium Biotechnologies Group Inc. (MBTG.OB) is a product development company for the Clinical Nutrition and Sports Supplement Markets, which we spotlighted as a trade alert recently. We believe, after speaking to management and other experts in the marketplace that shares for the company may see a surge in value given several pending developments. Mark C. Mirken, President and Chief Operating Officer of Millennium Biotechnologies, Inc. is getting ready to guide the company through its recently announced name and ticker symbol change to Inergetics, Inc. When that happens, within the next week or two, we look for the stock to react.


The company, up until about two years ago, was relatively stagnant. At least, commercially speaking, in it's evolution of its various products. Now under Mirken's management, it is getting ready to grow and expand in various directions simultaneously- making it's current price look very attractive as penny stock investment.


As a competitive response to Pepsi's purchase of Muscle Milk for $600 million, a major bottling company is rumored to be close to investing in MBTG in order to help market it's Surgex sports drink line as a competitor to Muscle Milk.


"Our sports product, Surgex, is an independently, medically validated product with a banned substance control group of athletes that is manufactured by us," explains Mirken. "It is used in the NBA and the NFL and it's success comes from the work that went into developing it with strength and conditioning coaches and that product is about to have a significant commercial debut which we will announce in the very near future- predicated on a relationship that we are creating with one of the largest powdered drink manufacturers in the world in maximum human performance. Those are their customers and they will take us into over 3000 GNC (General Nutrition Centers, Inc.) stores within the next 30 to 60 days. That product will not only launch as a powder, but it will evolve into a functional beverage, ready to drink, within 2 to 3 months."


Rutgers University recently published two articles about the sports drink product, substantiating the product's efficacy in athletes. We are told that it is being used by over half of the teams in the NBA for faster recovery time.


"The marketplace is definitely waiting for this. We know that because of the calls we constantly get from a number of the teams, from strength and conditioning coaches and there is no product on the market that has the proven ability to be able to generate the 'recovery reaction' that we are able to in the blood through the use of our prorietary superoxide dismutase- the body's primary antioxidant defense enzyme. If an athelete can work out and recover quickly and then work-out and recover quickly, his ability to optimize his performance is really the key to making this product a global success."


Some investors feel the stock will definitely be significantly higher within a month's time based on real fundamentals: A new name, a new ticker symbol, a new major investment into the company, a new pitchman for the products, and finally a big revenue jump.


"Our Resurgex product was designed to look at the existing long term care nutritional supplement landscape which consisted of brands like Boost and Ensure," explains Mirken. "Then we worked with technicians and nutritionists to say to them, 'If you were building it from scratch, inside out, what would you do?"


"We recognized the roadblocks to becoming successfully commercialized product- things like flavor, taste, aroma and nutritional composition and we created from the ground-up a phenomenal product. We went to a Starbucks flavor house in New Jersey, and started to build unique flavor profiles and developed a calorie balanced (Essential) and a calorie intense product (Essential Plus) and those products started taking their place in the marketplace approximately six to twelve months ago. We have a long way to go to fulfill that product portfolio. There are opportunities for us in long term care, in diabetics, in gluten-free products, and more. So we are working on filling out our portfolio there. Our immunocompromised product is recognized in the oncology channel as the superior oncology product in the market and currently used in the top 20 oncology hospitals in the U.S. We are going into trials on our Resurgex Select oncology product, within the next few weeks."


"One of our board members, Ken Sadowsky, sat on the board of Vitamin Water when it was sold to Coke and he has been shifting us through the process of and we're now in discussions with two of the largest bottling companies in the world who are looking for a product such as this in the functional beverage category, so as you step back and look at us, we are a company that has at least three engines: One in oncology and immunocompromised, going into trials and one in long term care and assisted living. We recently announced a relationship with a billion dollar pharmaceutical company which is expanding our reach into the long-term care space. Finally, the third product is the Sports product which is about to be commercialized. We are, as a company, at the beginning of our commercialization era and we expect some significant success, certainly within the next quarter or two."


Disclosure: Long MBTG

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