With Multikine Phase III Pending, Looking at Cel Sci Again Print E-mail
By Vinny Cassano   
Thursday, 19 August 2010 10:24

Cel Sci Corporation recently announced that the company has successfully produced the first lost of Multikine for the upcoming global Phase III trial in its brand new 'cold fill' manufacturing facility just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. This is good, if not expected news, although the same press also announced that the trial would commence by year's end.  It had been previously announced that the trial was expected to start this summer.

News releases have been relatively few and far between for Cel Sci since the LEAPS for swine flu hype died down as the hysteria and fear of an epidemic also faded, but nothing has changed with the potential of Multikine, an immunotherapeutic treatment for cancer of the head and neck.

What I like most about the Multikine trial  is that finally we will get to see one of these immunotherapeutic cancer treatments at work before a patients immune system has been ravaged by radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  Common sense would indicate that an immunotherapeutic treatment would work best while a patient's immune system was still strong, and this trial could be a groundbreaking opportunity to test that theory.

Multikine should be the primary factor, in my opinion, when assessing a decision of whether to buy shares of Cel Sci or not, but there's always the chance that LEAPS news could pop up again, especially if a new strand of swine flu appears during the flu season.  I wouldn't hold my breath for that scenario, but I'd keep it on the back of my mind.  It's pretty apparent that for the time being all company resources are being directed towards Multikine and the Phase III trial.

I believe that the risk/reward profile of this stock is attractive right now, when measuring in the potential of Multikine if it proves to be a successful treatment for head and neck cancer.  If the product makes it to the later stages of Phase III and looks like it may pass muster with the FDA, then fifty cents should end up looking like a steal.

And there's always the wild-card that is LEAPS.  This treatment has been widely discussed and press released over the years only to fall off the map for a while, but it could be just a matter of time before something sticks.

Fifty cents?  Given the potential of Multikine, I think we're looking at a bargain here.  I'm buying; and there should be a few more months left to buy at these levels, barring any unexpected news.

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Disclosure: Long CVM

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