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By M.E.Garza   
Wednesday, 15 September 2010 19:42

The stock was trading at $.02 when we originally told readers about it. A couple of days ago, the stock shot up over 200% and it's up again today. Is this only the beginning?

This morning we found out that there may be more coming after sources told us that the company will be announcing some "pretty incredible" things relating to their  now confirmed production of artificial spider silk through state-of-the-art genetic techniques designed to produce transgenic silkworms.

Yes, as we told our subscribers this morning, Kraig Biocraft's (OTC:KBLB) transgenic silkworm rumors may not have been taken seriously when we alerted investors that the company was on the verge of some big news, but so far, the stock has been reacting quite bullishly.

We're guessing that the upcoming news may have something to do with big scientific or commercial implications of their work. Anyone who reads the report that was issued today can see that for themselves:  Link to download the report

The report discusses the background of the Company, the genetic techniques being utilize, the overall objective of the science, and the markets that can be addressed. Perhaps more importantly, the report appears to have caused the stock to jump up another 72% during today's session- still quite short of the short term $.40 target, but take that for it's worth and if you're already in the stock, don't forget to take some of your profits off the table.

Again, if you missed the initial run-up, just be aware that Kraig Biocraft officials are supposed to make a significant announcement at an upcoming press conference, which is supposed to take place sometime in next few weeks.

I had a reporter call me and ask about our alerts today. I won't steal their thunder, but based on the questions I got the impression that "in the real world" maybe it's more common than it used to be that members of the media become part of the story, but on Wall Street it may be an every day thing. Whether it be social media, citizen journalists, established newspapers or even twitter feeds, reports and rumors affect stock prices.

When you read these types of alerts on our site, please remember that we are are not compensated for reporting the news. Like countless other news portals, our revenues are generated from a paid subscription model and news syndication agreements. We are not "penny stock promoters" and we are very much held accountable by various government agencies- not just the SEC- for reporting verifiable facts. Stock manipulation, front running and other such activities are very serious crimes and while those who write to short stocks may lead you to question our stories, the fact is that our staff and I always strive to report the truth. Don't let them scare you out of your shares so they can get on the train at a discount- or worse yet- so they can short on the way down and then ride the stock back up again.

It's not always about penny stocks, folks. We cover the entire sector without prejudice.

When we broke the story that BMP Sunstone (NASDAQ:BJGP) had received a buy-out offer  a few weeks ago, the stock was trading for just above $5. Not long after, the bears attempted to attack the stock, and while the deal has yet to become official, the stock is trading near $8 today (Note: For what it's worth we are told the deal is still very much in play with a $10+ buyout per share offer on the table). Do you really think our "rumor" would suffice to keep the stock setting higher highs and higher lows? Look at that chart. Millions upon millions of shares have traded and as much as I would like to think otherwise, I can guarantee you that a vast majority of those shareholders have never heard of BioMedReports.

A couple of days ago we told you that RXi Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:RXII) is on the verge of signing a major deal with Pfizer (NYSE:PFE). We stand by that story and our sources as well.  That stock, will also go up regardless of what those who write for the shorts or I say. Just remember who told you about it and when. Write it down. Tell everyone who will listen to ask themselves why CEOs and newsmakers won't do interviews with those who write for the shorts? Tell them to ask themselves why their publications keep getting sued and investigated by the SEC?

For investors, it's a simple philosophy but one that few seem to have the patience or intestinal fortitude to handle: Buy stocks for copper Lincolns and sell them for paper Benjamins. 


Disclosure: No Positions KBLB, BJGP, Long RXII

"Featured Content" profiles are meant to provide awareness of these companies to investors in the small-cap and growth equity community and should not in any way come across as a recommendation to buy, sell or hold these securities. BiomedReports is not paid or compensated by newswires to disseminate or report news and developments about publicly traded companies, but may from time to time receive compensation for advertising, data, analytics and investor relation services from various entities and firms. Full disclosures should be read in the 'About Us Section'.

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