Cel-Sci Volume Soars, Price to Follow? Print E-mail
By Vinny Cassano   
Wednesday, 22 September 2010 00:00

Cel-Sci shares were on the move Tuesday, jumping as much as twenty percent on volume that was ten times the daily average.  No news was released in conjunction with the price and volume spike, but the recent start of the Multikine Phase III trial has renewed investor interest, especially after watching shares of Dendreon soar past the forty dollar mark after the success of Provenge.

Multikine, like Provenge, is an immunotherapy treatment designed to stimulate the body's immune system to fight cancer, and I believe that these treatments - and others like them still in development - will be looked back upon in history as a huge step forward for the treatment of cancer.

Multikine is unique in its own right because it is being tested as a first line treatment for head and neck cancer.  Most immunotherapeutic cancer treatments are administered during the later stages of tumor progression after other treatments (chemo and radiation) have already been used.

Tuesday's trading action could be a result of renewed interest in the stock, but it's also likely that last week's news release of the commencement of the Phase III trial in Mississippi was just a teaser of sorts, with more significant developments to follow.  It's not safe to assume anything in the market, so the Phase III may be slow to ramp up, but speculation could be enough to drive CVM right back towards the one dollar mark, undoubtedly a welcome thought to those who have been loading up for fifty cents over the past few months.

Four million shares traded is a big deal for CVM these days, and combined with the twenty percent price spike, Cel-Sci is looking like a more significant move could be in store.  At the very least, it's a stock to watch for the short term, and still one to accumulate for the long term based on the potential of Multikine. 

I'll be holding for now, waiting to see how the action plays out for the rest of the week, but I'll definitely add more on any pullbacks.

Good to see Cel-Sci turning heads again; the most anticipated event for this company has been the start of the Phase III trial, and investors can finally feel confident that Multikine is moving forward as planned.

On another note, with a new 'super-bug' being mentioned in the news over the past few weeks, I wouldn't be surprised to see a LEAPS press release at some point in the near future.

Disclosure:  Long CVM.

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