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By M.E.Garza   
Thursday, 28 October 2010 02:56

penny stock playIs a cutting-edge idea involving an innovative air purification technology that purifies indoor air by utilizing high-intensity germicidal ultraviolet radiation enough to keep attracting a growing number of biotech penny players to UV Flu Technologies (OTC: UVFT)?

The company is behind the unique air purification technology that, officials and certified labs claim, kills airborne bacteria at rates ranging from 99.2% to more than 99.99% Volume on the stock has been rising steadily as a swarm of micro-cap speculators have started to jump on the season's first momentum driven flu play.

UVFTCompany officials say they are expecting an FDA approval within the next 3-5 weeks, and there are rumors that "a large European order" could be announced shortly.

With announcements of strategic acquisitions, inserts in Wednesday's Wall Street Journal and endorsements by professional sports teams, BioMedReports reached out to Jack Lennon, President of UV Flu Technologies to help investors decipher the hype -vs- realities surrounding the company's recent upswing and momentum.

BioMedReports: First, please tell us about the company-- Where you've been and where you're going?

Jack Lennon, President of UV Flu Technologies: The Company came public the end of 2009, after buying the technology of a Company called Eco-Rx, which had spent 10 years, and several million dollars, developing a revolutionary technology that would kill all organic airborne contaminants. The Company had gotten a patent, and FDA clearance as a Class II Medical device on their product, but ran out of funds before being able to widely market the product. After buying the assets, the Company made some significant improvements to the product, renamed it the Viratech UV-400,and put it back into production. The product now removes odors and volatile organic compounds, as well as bacteria and other contaminants.. The current product is in production, we've been strategically Beta-testing the product to find other applications, while building a international distribution network, just in time for flu season starting this month. We are also performing additional testing on the unit, and have a design for a residential, much higher volume, lower priced product in the works. We think, within 18 months, we will be the name attached to indoor air quality around the world.

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BioMedReports: What are some of the biggest challenges you've been able to overcome?

Jack Lennon, President of UV Flu Technologies:
The biggest challenge has been finding the best means of distribution, along with the optimal target markets to pursue. We have decided to combine in-house marketing efforts, with selected national distributors, that we will have in place over the next 45 days. The product has so many areas it can be effective, we had to focus. We are now focusing on some areas, that previously unknown areas for the Company, such as spas and funeral homes. Hotels and casinos are a main thrust, while we have found medical, schools and government to be highly political.

BioMedReports: What is your biggest challenge ahead?

Jack Lennon, President of UV Flu Technologies:
The biggest challenge ahead of being a Company our size, with the awesome responsibility to educate a world marketplace about the dangers of indoor air quality. These dangers are getting worse, as strains of bacteria grow impervious to antibiotics, while most people are spending all their time indoors, where air quality is 20-100x worse than CDO limits!!

BioMedReports: What proposition does your company offers investors? What makes you uniuqe?

Jack Lennon, President of UV Flu Technologies: Our Company is the only pure play in this space, which is huge. At the end of the day, our product really works!  Sharper Image alone sold 600k units per year of a product that didn't work!  Our product not only kills airborne bacteria, allergans, superbugs, MRSA, Legionnaires Disease, but it removes odors, harmful Volatile Organic Compounds(voc's), that many people are deathly allergic to. Many like acetone, benzene, formaldehyde, building products, cleaning solvents and nail products, etc, are known carginogens.

Some of the other benefits people find are that it dramatically reduces sleep disorders, like snoring, and it removes vocs and odors from locker rooms, spas, nail salons, and it removes the smell of smoke from long-term smokers homes. We want to be the known player in what we estimate will be  a several billion dollar market! Our product is the only one that actually kills contaminants! 

Almost all purifiers out there use HEPA filters, which are sponges, that collect, but don't kill anything. If you don't change these filters frequently, which over 90% of people do not-they become a Petrie dish of bacteria, that can make people sick. Our product is maintenance free, and is the only product that does not have this problem!

BioMedReports: You guys are starting to attract a lot of volume, do you feel your stock is still undervalued or is the recent run over?

Jack Lennon, President of UV Flu Technologies: The stock is a pure play, with enormous potential visibility, and incredible earning power. If the Company sells 1/10 of what Sharper Image sold, the Company could have earnings between $.10-.20 per share, giving a stock valuation that could reach many times where it trades currently.

BioMedReports: In addition to the pending FDA approval, are there any catalysts ahead that may cause your share prices to rise in the days/weeks ahead?

Jack Lennon, President of UV Flu Technologies:  There are several catalysts to this story. The Company is looking at potential acquisition targets. We are in talks with 3 national distributors, and 2 international, any one of which that could order multiples of our current rate of production, which could be ramped up quickly. We have several professional sports franchises and colleges planning on ordering our product, we have 3 national websites, and are in talks with numerous hotel and casino properties. We are planning national tv shows and spots over the next 60 days. We think there is explosive things that can happen in the coming days and weeks.


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