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By Vinny Cassano   
Wednesday, 31 August 2011 00:15
biotech tradingWith the first stages of the BluScience product line roll-out having taken place on the GNC website and with a move into GNC stores set to commence in September - ChromaDex Corp. kicked it up another notch by partnering with two major public relations and media awareness players in the health and wellness sector.
It's been expected that a media and advertising campaign would follow the commercial launch of the BluScience line into GNC and other retailers, and the announcement that Alcone, an Omnicom Group Inc. company, and Chandler Chicco Agency, an inVentiv Health company, have come on board to "develop market-leading communications for ChromaDex to engage customers, consumers and media" shows that President William Spengler and Co. are laying the foundation to put that plan into motion.

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Mr. Spengler noted in Monday's press release, "We are entering into a phase of tremendous growth and have aligned ourselves with experts in the field of consumer marketing and public relations. Both Alcone and Chandler Chicco Agency are world leaders in delivering successful and integrated product launches in the health and wellness arenas."

As previously described, but worthy of review, the BluScience line is composed of four products based on pTeroPure, a proprietary formulation of the naturally occurring antioxidant compound pterostilbene, found in blueberries. For the blueberry, pterostilbene acts as a polyphenol (antioxidant, to make it easy) and phytoalexin, a natural defense system that wards off harmful diseases, enzymes, fungi and other threats from the environment. It is similar to, but has superior qualities than, resveratrol, the phytoalexin found in grapes that has been identified as the reasoning behind the theory that red wine - in small doses - can actually lead to a healthier heart.

It has been identified that pterostilbene may have many unique advantages over resveratrol. Most notably, it lasts longer in the body (105 minutes) than resveratrol (14 minutes) and the bio-availability (portion of the ingredient that actually enters the circulatory system) is significantly higher.

These benefits, combined with the results of some initial studies, have demonstrated that the commercial formulation of pterostilebene could hold significant potential in enhancing a healthy lifestyle, and could be specifically beneficial to supporting a 'healthy heart' by assisting in the control of cholesterol, blood pressure and the reduction of anxiety.

With the commercial launch now underway, exposing these products and potential health benefits to the consumer is the next logical step, and that's where Alcone and Chandler Chicco come into play. Both companies have successful histories and expertise is the health and wellness arena, with Alcone being identified as the "PROMO 2010 Agency of the Year" and Chandler Chicco being named the "Healthcare Agency of the Decade by the Holmes Report in 2010."

ChromaDex is entering into a multi-billion industry with the launch of BluScience, and over the next 3-5 years, the company expects to increase annual revenues from $12 million to over $100 million based on BluScience sales and revenue generated from licensing deals such as the one recently signed with Cott Beverages.

Insiders are already heavily-invested in CDXC shares, a reassuring sign for investors who like to see management setting the example for confidence in the company.

While CDXC shares have slipped significantly in light of a general market downturn, a successful BluScience launch and the development of other pending catalysts could bring ChromaDex to the eyes of potential investors just as Alcone and Chandler Chicco are bringing the products to the eyes of potential consumers.

As I recently stated, 'It's Game Time for ChromaDex,' and thus far, the company is making all the right moves.

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