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By M.E.Garza   
Wednesday, 28 September 2011 05:37
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Shares of the tightly held IntelliCell BioSciences, Inc. (OTCQB: SVFC.PK) (Pinksheets: SVFC.PK) have been starting to climb since announcing their arrival as a disruptive stem cell harvesting technology firm just a few short weeks ago.  The regenerative medcine industry is starting to take notice, but it appears investors are too.

BioMedReports first told readers about this company in a report from the Rodman & Renshaw Conference, and shares have climbed from $3 to over $4 since then. Even in these very anemic market conditions, speculators are starting to take positions after hearing about the potential of the IntelliCell platform. 

In additon, the Company just announced that they executed an exclusive supply and sale agreement with Millipore Corporation, a global leader in innovative tools and technologies for bio-manufacturing and life science research, to sell and distribute the guava® flow cytometry platform into the area of stromal vascular fraction.

Forbes: Human Body's Fat Seen As best Source of Stem Cells For Regenerative Therapies

The collaboration with Millipore is expected to streamline the development of IntelliCell's tissue processing centers throughout the United States as it continues to expand and experience growth in demand for the cells it is able to source from fatty tissue. 

As we understand it, the company is rapidly expanding the number of centers throughout the United States and multiple positive announcements should follow. These very unique centers will offer patients the opportunity to use their own adipose (fat) stem cells for treatments as prescribed by their own doctors. Under FDA 361, patients are allowed to use their own stem cells for just about any indication, so long as the use of those cells is autologous (a situation in which the donor and recipient are the same person), the stem cells are minimally manipulated, and the procedure takes place during the same office visit. Even without FDA approval- which can take years- IntelliCell™ BioScience aims to work within FDA 361 guidelines and claims that they are fully FDA compliant on their website and presentation materials.

As we told you in our report, this company represents a game changing opportunity for U.S. based patients to undergo various stem cell therapies using their own stem cells without having to travel abroad or wait for further FDA approvals. 

We expect that this company- already one of the only true revenue generating stem cell plays in the market- will surpass the $30+ million in revenues generated last year by a privately held company based in Plymouth, Mass called Harvest Technologies Corporation. That company was in the process of commercializing a far more painful (and arguably less effective), point-of-care technology with doctors. Using the Harvest Technology platform, physicians harvested stem cells from a patient's own bone marrow. Harvest was recently acquired by a U.S. subsidiary of Japan's Terumo Corporation -- one of the world's leading medical device manufacturers with $3.4 billion in sales and operations in more than 160 countries in a stock for stock transaction worth $70 million.

The market potential for IntelliCell BioSciences is far more attractive, and we are hearing rumors that various sports franchises may be looking to treat the injuries of pro athletes using the IntelliCell platform within the offices of their own team doctors. No surprise if true, since they have pro sports teams physicians on their advisory board.
The use of autologous adipose stem cells for a growing variety of indications may appear new and exciting in medicine here in the U.S, but the aesthetic world the use of autologous adipose stem cells has become widely accepted in Europe and Asia. Since the middle of 2009 when the U.S. FDA published its laws on autologous stem cells the field has expanded rapidly. If you are looking for a stem cell play that isn't going to make you wait 5+ years for FDA approval, this may be it.

Said IntelliCell Chairman and CEO, Dr. Steven Victor about this week's news development: "This is a phenomenal step in the right direction for our company and we welcome the opportunity to work with Millipore. The exclusive agreement with Millipore to supply and sell their cutting-edge guava flow cytometer, combined with our proprietary process which has achieved unprecedented yields of stromal vascular fraction without the use of chemical additives such as enzymes, gives us a highly significant advantage in creating the gold standard for the separation of SVF from fat. As the only company to use precise methods of counting cells and checking specimens for cell viability, dead cells, or debris, this is yet another milestone in our quest to become market leader in the area of separation of SVF, which greatly differentiates us from all other companies that manufacture these cells."

Again. This company is a game changer for the entire stem cell sector. Start your own DD and read more about it ahead of others and more positive developments.

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