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By M.E.Garza   
Thursday, 20 October 2011 07:08
Biotech TradingIntelliCell BioSciences, Inc. (OTCQB:SVFC.PK) (Pinksheets:SVFC.PK) a relatively new firm that is out to shake up the regenerative medicine sector with a disruptive stem cell harvesting technology and aggressive growth plan for the  manufacturing and use of stromal vascular fraction (SVF) containing adipose derived adult stem cells, announced today their first published study regarding the efficacy of IntelliCell's proprietary SVF in the treatment of gum recession.

The pilot study, published in the October 2011 edition of The Journal of Implant & Advanced Clinical Dentistry, is authored by Nicholas Toscano, DDS, MS, Danny Holtzclaw, DDS, MS, and Steven Victor, MD.

The pilot study, which was a single center study that included 7 female and one male patient ranging from 23 to 45 years of age with gingival recession, showed that Mucograft® collagen matrix combined with SVF treatments may be a viable and advantageous alternative to treating gum recession and potentially eliminate the need for invasive harvesting of gum tissue. By the end of the six-month prospective study, the mean increase in root coverage was 87% for the patients treated. Sixty-six percent of treated patients achieved 100% root coverage. These numbers indicate that gum recession was reversed, with gum tissue growing back over the root area. This was achieved without having to transplant tissue from another part of the mouth into the gum line. Post-treatment, patients reported little or no pain and swelling.

"This is a very encouraging study. Gingival recession is a significant issue in dentistry and IntelliCell is offering a new, potentially superior, non-invasive solution that minimizes patient discomfort and improves outcomes. Dentistry is one of numerous fields in which our SVF may show efficacy," stated IntelliCell Chairman and CEO, Dr. Steven Victor. "This clearly exhibits the potential functionality of the cells contained in the SVF we manufacture using our proprietary process. We intend to seek out opportunities to conduct clinical research and publish in peer reviewed journals in order to quantify the efficacy results of SVF across multiple medical disciplines."

"I am really excited about stromal vascular fracture stem cells and the impact on regenerative dentistry. Future research could prove this to be a major breakthrough in oral and maxillofacial reconstruction," stated Dr. Nicholas Toscano, the periodontist who ran the study.

Pilot Study Download Link

According to information posted on a website maintained by Photopharmica, the market for the treatment of periodontal disease reached $6 billion in 2000. The information further states that, "Periodontal disease is the most prevalent disease in humans -- more prevalent than heart disease. Degenerative periodontal disease affects 20+% of the population over age 50."

The use of autologous adipose (fat) stem cells for a growing variety of indications is a new and exciting frontier in medicine. In the aesthetic world the use of autologous adipose stem cells has become widely accepted in Europe and Asia. Since the middle of 2009 when the US FDA published its laws on autologous stem cells the field has expanded rapidly. Currently, doctors, companies and researchers are studying the use of these adipose stem cells for aesthetics; the treatment of arthritis; and numerous orthopedic injuries such as knees, elbows, back, and shoulders; wound healing; congestive heart failure; gum regeneration and other ailments.

As we reported in September, this is a company to watch. We are anticipating very fast growth and adoption of the technology not only by the medical community for various indications, including many which are still not approved by the FDA for non autologus use.

IntelliCell's unique new treatment centers are set to offer patients the opportunity to use their own adipose (fat) stem cells for treatments as prescribed by their own doctors. Under FDA 361, patients are allowed to use their own stem cells for just about any indication, so long as the use of those cells is autologous (a situation in which the donor and recipient are the same person), the stem cells are minimally manipulated, and the procedure takes place during the same office visit. Even without FDA approval -- which can take years -- IntelliCell™ BioScience aims to work within FDA 361 guidelines and claims that they are fully FDA Compliant on their website and presentation materials. 

We fully expect that this firm will continue making news and attracting attention, particularly if professional atheletes flock use their own stem cells in orthopedic applications. Already there are rumors that several sports doctors and teams are speaking to IntelliCell about their technology.

In recent days, the firm has been adding thought and industry leaders to their advisory board and scientific team and key partnerships could prompt the expansion and growth in demand for the cells doctors, dentitsts and others are able to source from fatty tissue in order to regenerate or help heal one's own body.  The use of autologous adipose stem cells for a growing variety of indications may appear new and exciting in medicine here in the U.S, but the aesthetic world the use of autologous adipose stem cells has become widely accepted in Europe and Asia.

Already, shares of the tightly held company have risen 25% since we began to cover the company in September. We are looking for that trend to continue.

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