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Wednesday, 18 January 2012 03:00
FDA CalendarA look around the healthcare space shows some penny priced stocks, each in very different places which are currently pushing higher on momentum.

Biotech TradingCannabis Science, Inc. (OTCBB:CBIS)
, a company developing pharmaceutical cannabis products has got message boards lighting up due to the dramatic increase in their PPS. The chart shows increasing momentum and given the legalization of marijuana-- scheduled to be on the ballot this year-- the trend may continue. Furthermore, Also at play here is the fact that the firm recently announced continuing successful progress by patients who has been topically self-administering Cannabis Science extracts for Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cancer. The company will release documentation to the public once treatment is completed and has been properly confirmed by clinical biopsy.

CBIS issued strong Sales Guidance and Outlook for 2012 on December 29, 2011. There are three main markets for Cannabis Science Brand formulations for distribution, FDA approved prescriptions, OTC Non-psychoactive Neutroceuticals, and licensed dispensaries in legal Medical Marijuana states (currently 16). Cannabis Science sales for 2012 are forecasted to be $6,846,000 and has the potential to increase to $65,740,000 in 2014.

This forecast includes sales from both the MEDBOX strategic alliance and the revenues from its licensing fees from cannabis-extract based formulations. The above average growth in sales and revenue from 2012 to 2014 is due to the release of additional formulations and a higher number of license agreements as Cannabis Science expands into additional states and international markets over the next three years.

Cannabis Science also prepared a model to forecast sales upon FDA approval. The FDA approved model shows average sales of $279,120,000 in annual sales and revenue of each of their cannabis-extract based formulations once Cannabis Science's application for a FDA license is Cannabis Science has identified 20 different medical conditions and 9 different cancers for formulations over the next ten years that would each be an independent profit center for the company.

Dr. Robert Melamede,CEO, said, "Cannabis Science announced intention to have a quarterly conference call to update shareholders and investors in 2012 to track the progress Cannabis Science is making towards its goals.”

Overall, the chart is very bullish, it appears buying pressure has risen, and this year the MMJ sector will gain much attention as in 2010. The legalization of marijuana will once again be on the ballot in select states.

Why are the shorts being squeezed at BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq:BPAX)? Biotech Trading

That appears to be what is happening as one takes a look at the chart for BPAX--which is currently trading at $.66 cents per share; up nearly 23% after seeing 160.42 % more trading volume than average (12.5M shares); the largest volume day in several weeks.

Shares of the company were pounded in mid-December after BioSante announced top-line results from its two pivotal Phase III LibiGel (testosterone gel) efficacy trials. Analysis of the data showed that the trials did not meet the co-primary or secondary endpoints, but shares of the developer have soared as short sellers have been squeezed by a sudden rush of buying activity.

According to one report, there are nearly 17 million shares short on BPAX currently which represents 16% of the float and that has penny traders pushing the stock as a short term swing trade in hopes of testing  the $.75 to $.80 price levels.

Finally, shares of CEL-SCI Corporation (AMEX:CVM) were listed among the biggest percentage gainers on the AMEX for the second session in a row. Prices gapped at the open, and gained 16.22% on volume that was 862.97% higher than average for the day. Shares continued to run after hours, gaining another 13.93%.

On Friday, TradeTheNews reported that the stock was breaking out based on the circulation of a report concerning an upcoming presentation on cancer biomarkers by an NIH scientist who worked with the firm on an undisclosed biomarker project. Scheduled to speak on Jan 26th, Franco Marincola, Chief of Infectious Disease and Immunogenetics Section at the National Cancer Institute. The National Institutes of Health will give a presentation on use of biomarkers in clinical development of novel cancer immunotherapies.

Some of the strength here is also being attributed to short covering as buying pressure continues to push the stock higher somewhat unexpectedly.
Biotech Trading
While the stock is still showing strong technical strength it is interesting to note that it is still trading -48.19 % from its 52-week high of $ 0.83, leading penny stock speculators to focus on the next level of resistance for the stock (currently at the $0.45 level) along the 200 day moving average.  If share prices run past this level, they may continue much higher given the buying interest, volume and momentum seen during the past two sessions.

In early December, MarketScanners identified CEL-SCI (priced at $0.29 at the time) as a stock with potential to bounce higher after it showed up on our proprietary technical scan. Another stock identified in that report, ISTA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:ISTA) saw shares rise to $8.22 +0.95 (+13.07%) on Tuesday after the stock traded more than 186% higher than average. The price at the time of our scan was only $3.75 per share.

Other companies included in that report included Complete Genomics, Inc. (NASDAQ:GNOM) whose shares were priced at $3.64 at the time of our scan, but traded as high as $4.11 weeks later.  Nabi Biopharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:NABI) rose slightly to $2.02 after our scan at $1.79 and finally AEterna Zentaris Inc. (NASDAQ:AEZS) is priced at nearly the same ($1.61) after rising only slightly to $1.70 during the past month.

Currently, we are also tracking shares of Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(AMEX:INO) $0.42, Novavax, Inc.(NASDAQ:NVAX) $1.30, PharmAthene, Inc.(AMEX:PIP) $1.25, Ampio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMPE) $3.81, Bacterin International (AMEX:BONE) $2.27 and TapImmune Inc. (OTC:TPIV) $0.17 as six stocks which could be getting ready for a move higher based on our advanced charting and market analytics formula which looks for certain mathematical characteristics and filtering for several trending factors on a stock chart, including an analysis of the firm’s Weekly Williams %R (both one and two days ago) as well as the Stock’s Weekly Relative Strength Index (also for the past two days), and other factors such as Bear Power (BEARP) and Bull Power (BULLP), technical analysts are able to set and apply various histograms. We are also tracking other specific points on the Moving Average Convergence Divergence of a stock and in the end, coming up with a mathematical formula which yields these specific results.

We will report further on this new "Under $5 Healthcare Scan" in the days ahead.

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